Stories of an Experience of Homelessness in Richmond

2017 Year-Round Initiative

In this project, we will interview individuals with lived experience of Homelessness to hear what they love about the community of Richmond and why they choose to live here despite the challenges and hardships they have faced. This appreciation for Richmond is something clients often talk about, and they have expressed a desire to share this with others. These stories often bring a unique perspective of the growth of our city over the past decades.

Their stories will be published in a booklet that will be distributed to partner organizations, hospitals, schools and libraries in Richmond. We will also create an e-publication that can be added to over time as part of this project’s legacy that will allow for inclusion of the whole community.

At the launch of the book and e-publication, we will host a forum for the community to hear these stories from the authors themselves. The individuals chronicled in this project will be panelists at the forum and provide insight into their experiences, so that the community can better understand Richmond from their point of view.