CreART 2017

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Gateway Theatre, Gilbert Road, Richmond, BC, Canada Event Website

2017 is the celebration of Canada’s 150 Birthday, and the Canadian Creative Painting and Design Competition for Children and Youth is happy to encourage the young generation to express their love of Canada by using art, the most beautiful language in the world.

The competition theme for 2017 will be Canada – My Home, launching in January 2017 and open to children and youth from our diverse community.  There will be an award ceremony at the Gateway Theater of Richmond (date TBA), and exhibit of award works after at the Richmond Public Library.

CreART 2017 Canadian Painting & Design Competition for Children and Youth is organized by New Primary Color Arts Foundation, a Richmond-based non-profit-organization for young arts students, aiming to bring a big platform to children and students who are interested in painting and design to present their talent and creativity. It’s open to all kids and students aged from 5 to 22 to participate.