Harvest Full Moon Project: The 150 Year Journey


Oct 7


6pm - 8:30pm


City Centre Community Centre, Minoru Boulevard, Richmond, BC, Canada Event Website

Harvest Full Moon Project: The 150 Year Journey, is a celebration of the last 150 years of arts and culture in Richmond, with a focus on the city’s rich agricultural history. This project, led by local artist, Marina Szijarto, will illustrate how different cultures living in Canada give thanks during the harvest season through traditions, rituals and the arts. It will consist of community-engaged workshops culminating in a final procession and celebration.

The project will begin with free, community-engaged workshops to create art pieces reminiscent of the history of agriculture in Richmond. Workshops will consist of visual and performing arts projects such as lantern making, moon cake making, basket weaving with raw materials, folk dance, storytelling, etc. These workshops will provide intergenerational opportunities to exchange stories and reminisce about past experiences related to arts, culture and farming, with the intention for participants to learn, connect and develop a strong sense of community belonging. Activities will be themed around how art and agriculture has evolved in Canada and, more specifically, in Richmond, over the past 150 years.

The final event will include a neighbourhood procession, leading back to our community centre for an evening of celebration. Art created by the community in the workshops will be used throughout the procession, and exhibited and performed at the Harvest Full Moon Celebration. In addition, the celebration will include performances by Canadian artists and musicians, intergenerational music, moon cakes, tea and a harvest dance.

The workshops, procession and Harvest Full Moon Celebration aim to connect neighbours, friends and families of all ages and ethnicities while celebrating the journey of our past 150 years of Canadian arts, culture and agricultural history.