The Voice of the River


Dec 7




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The Voice of the River is a multi disciplinary community-engaged art and media project about the mighty Fraser River, the life blood of BC. She connects the ocean to the heart of the province but is under direct threat from industrialization, mega bridges, deep dredging and more.
Drawing on an array of artistic forms (digital video, sculpture, music) and natural environments this project promotes an expanded appreciation and understanding of the river as a waterbody itself, and as experienced along its riparian landscapes, sloughs, dykes and parks. It is the creation of Richmond artists Glen Andersen and Marina Szijarto.
You are invited to participate in this thematically-integrated ‘journey’ of expression exploring ideas about the river. The community’s creative input is via the contribution of short (15 second) films (up to 5 per person) -submitted via email from smartphone or other device, and curated/edited by the artists into a longer film montage/collage. This on-growing collection is then projected onto multiple sculptural screens in combination with live music, soundscape compositions, light sculpture, mobile lantern displays in outdoor locations, including parks and riverside venues. Watch for news of public events through the year and/or send a film to get on a direct emailing list.
An online version of the film festival will be made available as an “streaming” archive of the project.

For thousands of years, Rivers have been considered sacred, inspiring many seasonal rituals and celebrations honouring the river as a divine being. Join us in celebrating this unique 850 mile-long force of Nature!

What do you love about the Fraser River? Is it the natural beauty, the benefits it brings or the gifts is carries. From now until December 4, the public is invited to create 15 second submissions to the Voice of the River. Submissions can be done on phones, cameras or any other recording device. Photos will also be accepted. Please submit your finished product via email to